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The Solutionist Blog » legalization of drugs. Chapter 18 from “The Solutionist”
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legalization of drugs. Chapter 18 from “The Solutionist”

Posted By on July 23, 2014

Chapter 18
The drug problem can and must be solved and yes, there is
a solution, and yes, others, have come to the same
The prohibition on alcohol did not work; and the prohibition
on drugs is not working either. Did you know the terrorist
networks are funded primarily on illegal drug money? It
seems we are funding attacks on ourselves… Loretta
Napoleoni, an expert on terrorist financing, says the largest
source of terrorists’ income is the illicit drug trade. Other
sources agree with this finding. If you wish to confirm these
findings try searching for “how do terrorists fund their
There will always be a problem with individuals abusing
drugs, including alcohol. We, as a society, are not able to
control what others do to themselves. We are however,
expected to protect individuals from harm by others. It is
impossible to prevent all forms of harm to everyone all the
time. Nonetheless, we take great efforts to protect one
another. Prohibition of these things is just one tool that does
not work.
So, here we perceive drugs are bad, and that is why we
have crime, and gangs, and our young people are being led
astray, and the harm done is almost too much to bear. We
create a law saying no one can use these drugs. Everyone
is aware of the law and no one uses drugs anymore. Wasn’t
that easy?
Problem solved; right?

We also have a problem with individuals abusing
prescription drugs.
Doctor, Doctor
Doctor, doctor, gimme a pill
One to lessen the pain; one to hasten the thrill.
She left with my buddy, and broke my heart
She broke it in two; going to need a new start.
One pill in the morning, another at night
It may not really help me, but then maybe it might.
I want to get moving, but I got to slow down
Give me an upper that will take me to town.
I don’t want to remember, but I just can’t forget
A nice little pill just might be the best bet.
Who was it that said; oh what was it again?
Sometimes we must end life and before we begin.
I found a new girlfriend; it’s my buddy I miss
I’d like to go fishing, but all she wants is to kiss.
I can’t feel my face now; where is my head
Pull up the covers, and just stay in bed.
Tomorrow will come now, that is for sure
New days may bring laughter and that is the lure.
Doctor, doctor, gimme a pill
One to lessen the pain, one to hasten the thrill.
Illegal drugs use in this country is not our only drug problem,
but is where I suggest we begin.


The war on drugs is a complete and utter failure. This is not
because what we are doing is wrong. It is not because we
need a greater commitment. It is not because the other side
is smarter than we are. It is certainly not because we are not
spending enough money. The reason we are failing is
because we are attempting to do something that has already
been proven to not work.
We should have, and eventually did learn an important
lesson from the prohibition on alcohol. It didn’t work! That
was the lesson we learned so we stopped trying to prohibit
production, sale and use of alcohol and took the saner and
more effective approach of placing some controls on the
production, sale and the consequences of inappropriate
behavior resulting from the use of alcohol. Yes, there is still
abuse, but we are far better off than we were during
The basic facts are shocking and you, dear reader, should
be pissed off about this whole thing. .
Furthermore, it has been most interesting to me to discover
that one of the leading proponents of legalizing drugs is an
organization known as LEAP (Law Enforcement Against
Prohibition) I suggest you check out their web site:
We spend billions of dollars fighting the war on drugs. I
repeat, Billions!
We have had NO IMPACT on reducing the number of people
with drug problems. The percentage of people misusing
drugs before we started this prohibition is the same or worse
now. As during the prohibition on alcohol, we found for
some, the use of something illegal is more attractive just
because it is illegal. The use and misuse of alcohol were
higher during prohibition it was either before or after.
Experts are in agreement the prohibition on drugs also
results in this interesting human behavior.

We can’t build jails fast enough to house all the people who
are convicted of drug violations. This is compounded by the
crimes and results those who are committing crimes to get
money to buy illegal drugs.
Think about this for a minute…
Now, there seems to be a fair amount of discussion about
the legalization of marijuana. The same approach should be
taken for other drugs as well. All the same arguments apply.
Do there need to be controls? Of course controls are
needed, just as they are with alcohol. However, until these
drugs are legalized and controlled properly, the drug dealers
stand to make a lot of money, and as we now see will try to
get young people hooked on drugs, so they can sell them at
huge profits.
I will say this now. We could certainly make better use of 67
billion dollars as pointed out in the next chapter.
By the way, I do not use drugs and don’t like even taking
prescription drugs if I can avoid it.

About the author

Joe grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and graduated from Premontre High School (now Notre Dame Academy). He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS degree in civil engineering and a BS degree in city planning. Joe held positions of Village Manager and Director of Public Works, Utilities, Engineering, and Community Development for municipalities in Illinois and Wisconsin ranging in size from 15,000 to 50,000 people. He also worked in the private sector as a design engineer, planning engineer, report coordinator, manager of engineering and has owned and managed a planning and engineering consulting business. Joe has received state and national awards for projects that he managed. He has edited several community newsletters, writes poetry, children s' stories, humor, short stories and "The Solutionist".


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