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The Buffet Rule – One of the things that must be done to save our democracy.

| November 4, 2014

. YOU DECIDE…………………………… The Buffet Rule We must support this…pass it on and lets see if these idiots understand what people pressure is all about. Salary of retired US Presidents . . . . . . . . . . . $180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate members . . . . . . . […]

1116 users

| November 2, 2014

Moving up? I have been thinking that it may be time to start a new, third part. What do you think?

1022 users.

| October 15, 2014

We now have 1022 users.  I am hoping this is a sign that more people want to move toward solving problems that can work for everyone, not simply self interest.

938 users!

| October 4, 2014

Getting close to 1000. WOW.

Wow, 825 users

| September 25, 2014

We just jumped to 825 users.  I am hopeful of spreading the idea.

799 users

| September 24, 2014

We have 799 users, who is going to be no 800?

paleo diet Solutions Around The USA

| September 18, 2014

Tasty Paleo Meals and Recipes The Paleo diet follows the ancestral hunter-gatherer diet which doesn’t have unhealthy food, grains, dairy, sugar and preservatives. It sticks to some natural ways, only eating meals that your body was made to digest; hard working liver, nuts, fruits and vegetables, with no grains, salt, sugar, legumes or dairy foods […]

774 approved users.

| September 17, 2014

There are 774 approved users now, so I am wondering where all the posts might be. Just wondering.

Chapter 2, An Introduction to the Way It Ought To Be

| July 24, 2014

Here is Chapter 2 Chapter 2 An Introduction To The Way It Ought To Be How should we be living our lives differently and why is it better than the way we do things now? Imagine life as we live now as if we are standing up. We start at our feet and work our […]

Have you read the book?

| July 22, 2014

Just curious how many of you have read “The Solutionist”.  It is available at Amazon.com in eBook form and paperback. It is not a big, hard to read, sort of book.  I am curious how many of the nearly 600 subscribers have read it, or if there is a reason why you may not have […]